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Each one of our products was uniquely developed to be the finest and most reliable commercially available material of its kind. DuraWear specializes in increasing productivity, reducing maintenance costs, and preserving the life and production availability
of capital equipment by providing high performance, highest quality materials and solutions to abrasion, corrosion, and high temperature problems. With over 30 years of experience in the industry DuraWear has revolutionized products to combat
industrial wear problems.

Polymers Alloys Epoxy Compounds Refractories Polymers Alloys Epoxy Compounds Refractories Polymers Alloys Epoxy Compounds Refractories
ceramic linings - steel fabrications
Alotec Ceramic Linings
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ExcelloSlide Plus
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CeraDur Epoxy
High Temp Epoxy
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Xylethon® - The unique molecular chain structure of Xylethon makes it the densest plastic material available in the industry. Self-lubricating, Xylethon yields superior abrasion restistance and dimensional stability when compared to PVC, polyethylene UHMW, polyurethane and others.

USE: Xylethon has been used as chute and hopper liners, wear strips, conveyor rollers, chip bin liners, skirt boards, waste water sprockets, chain guides, conveyor tracks and curves, gears, low speed bushings and bearings.

  Alotec-92® - The most wear resistant industrial alumina ceramic material available to industry, which is a result of a new processing technology. The technology allows for precision controlled grain growth, resulting in smaller and tighter grains with greatly reduced internal porosity or contamination. Alotec-92 is available in numerous shapes and sizes, including mosaics and brick.

USE: Alotec-92 creates a surface lining with unmatched wear and impact restistance. It can be used in elevated temperatures, extending service life of expensive equipment significantly, dramatically reducing maintenance and labor.

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